Wednesday, October 26, 2011


This is a little late, but last week was my birthday.  It was Casey's turn to have a cooking lesson from "Omy".  So Casey learned how to make a chocolate pudding cake.

He measured all the ingredients and mixed them together.  He learned how to chop using a big, sharp, knife.

He spread the batter in the pan and put the cake in the oven.

Then came the fun part, licking the bowl and cleaning up.  He said this was his favorite part.

The cake was done to perfection and for added pleasure it was served with vanilla yogurt.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Last week, Ryder asked Marlene if he could make a cheese cake in our kitchen.  He had found a recipe in one of the books he was reading.  The cake turned out great.  This week, Marlene suggested that Phelan could learn how to make an apple pie, crust and all.  So he did.  This is the result.  He's pinching the crust just before he slid it into the oven.  It turned out great also.
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Friends of ours loaned us this nifty apple press and this year we made apple juice out of part of our crop of apples.  All the boys helped in the process.  Phelan and Casey fed the apples into the shredder and when the container below was full of pieces, Ryder would slide it over, align it with the press and turn the handle.  We made 4 and a half gallons of juice in one afternoon.
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