Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The View From My Pillow and Other Things

Borrego Springs has been declared a Dark Sky Community by the International Dark Sky Association.  The IDA defines a Dark Sky Community as “a town, city, municipality, or other legally organized community that has shown exceptional dedication to the preservation of the night sky through implementation and enforcement of quality codes, dark sky education, and citizen support of dark skies.
For us it means an absolutely clear view of the night skies from our place in the desert.  It also means we can go to bed at night with the shades lifted and the windows open if it’s warm enough.  This results in an unobstructed view of “Indian Head Mountain” from my pillow when I wake up in the morning.  027
I love to lay there watching the sun slowly creep down the mountain till the whole valley and the village is lighted. 
030032 033
Some days, like last week the view changes with the weather.
013  014
Sunday was a sunny day and we took a hike up Palm Canyon with our friends, Jim and Lynn.  018  019
The hike is moderately tough, but the rewards are great.
020  021
After a quick lunch, down hill hiking and home by 1:00 pm.
023  024
During our walk to the town center the other day, we stopped a garden art vendor.  The Asian statuaries made me think of our son and his family who are traveling right now in Thailand and Malaysia.
001  002

How to Make a Good Cup of Coffee on the Desert

Start with a little red Honda 2000 u generator.

012  Connect it through a window to


a Saeco, Villa, espresso machine using a 011heavy duty extension cord.  Fill the water tray with good spring fresh water.009  Make sure the coffee bean container is filled with fresh home roasted coffee beans. 008

Go outside in the fresh 45 degree morning sunshine and start the generator.  Then come back inside and push the button.  The beans are ground, the water is injected, and out comes a perfect cup of foaming coffee.006 

Some things in life you just can’t do without.  007

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Borrego Springs Art Institute and Lute Fault Scarp

Last night we attended the grand opening of the Borrego Springs Art Institute.  Hundreds of people attended.  Some from San Diego, others local, and lots of part timers like us.

009 The wine and food was free and all the art exhibited was for sale.  003

004  010

This eagle, sculpted from wood was done by Paul Jorgenson, a local artist who also also created and sold bowls, spoons, spatulas, and furniture.

008  007

I met Paul while participating in the “Hawk Watch” project a few years ago.  He loved birds and he love working with wood.  Unfortunately, Paul died last year from a terminal cancer.

Sunday morning we met up with a group of 13 others to hike to the Lute Fault Scarp.  This was an easy 3 mile loop across the desert, gaining about 300 feet. 

013  014

One of the men was an amateur geologist and gave us a very informed explanation of the this particular fault in relationship to the other more known fault, the San Andreas.

018  017

Friday, January 18, 2013

Getting Settled in Borrego Springs

After an overnight at Cahuilla Reservoir, a Riverside County Park in the Indio, Ca, area we moved on to Borrego Springs.  If you haven’t been here, it’s a small but active community.  006

Christmas Circle is the entry point from the East.  008

On Fridays, there is a farmer’s market where get our fresh vegetables and fruits.


It’s been two years since we have been here and there are a few changes.  One of the old buildings has been converted into The “Borrego Art Institute.”

003 004


The grand opening will be on Sunday afternoon and we plan to attend.

We’re boon docking in the same place we were two years ago.  It’s very pleasant, close to downtown, and very quiet. 001

Marlene spent the afternoon repairing a seam in our bike cover and then did some quilting using the old Singer Featherweight.  009

010  Afternoon coffee break was great, using our fresh ground coffee. 011

Monday, January 14, 2013

South On The Big Sur

After a night in the parking lot of the Salinas Costco, we headed south on the Big Sur Highway, California 1. 014008                                 

010  011



012  020

We stopped for lunch on a nice overlook. 015

 018Marlene gets a little nervous on this road so she preoccupies herself by working on a quilt as we roll along.

About 40 miles south of Carmel, Ca, we came to Kirk Creek Camp Ground.  It was such a beautiful spot that we decided to stop and spend a couple of days.


A trail from the campground led down to a secluded cove. 024  029

Another trail led up the side of the mountain above the campground and we used this one for getting our daily aerobic walk, 30 minutes uphill and 20 minutes back down.

034    Back at the motor home, it was time for coffee.  On this trip we have brought along our new entertainment center.  035  This machine grinds the fresh roast beans, injects hot water and steam and creates a perfect cup of dark, strong coffee.  We are so spoiled.           042  After two sunsets, we moved on and today we stopped to see the elephant seals and Hearst Castle.

043  046

050 052

057 060

067  069