Tuesday, March 3, 2009


We're moving north along the coast of California. This is the second time we have used this stop in Santa Barbara. It's the park along the bay. You can parallel park as long as you like between daylight and dark. They just don't want you parking over night.

Moving on through Santa Barbara following old highway 1 the streets take you above some very beautiful residential areas.

This is one of the streets which is actually old Highway 1.

Later in the afternoon we left Highway 1 and headed for Jalama Beach County Park. To get there you follow a narrow 2 lane County Road for 14 miles. It took us 45 minutes to go the distance. The turns are sharp, the grades are steep and the surface is uneven so you can't go much over 25 mph without really shaking up the cupboards.

The camp ground at the end is worth the trip. There are about 15 sites where you can pull in and directly face the ocean. We were lucky and got one of these. There are sites that have full services and there are several pull through sites, however non of these have the view of the ocean like this.

We met our new neighbors, Tim and Molly, from the LA area and settled in for happy hour around a fire.

The sun was setting, the wine was good and conversation was pleasant.

As the sun set, the sky turned golden.

Then came the gold and pink reflection off the clouds.

Next morning the tide was out as we had our morning coffee and breakfast with a view.

A 45 minute walk on the beach gave us some oportunities for nice pictures.

The tide pools showed remnants of oil spills from the off shore drilling platforms. What I thought were black rocks turned out to be regular beach sand stone covered with about 1/4 inch of heavy soft tar.

The seagulls shared the beach with surfers who come here for the breaking waves.

The clouds make a nice background for the beach cliffs.

This is the valley along the road on the way back to Highway 1.

Pismo Beach is a good place to stop for lunch. This is the second time we have been back to "The Splash" in old town.

We were lucky and got a window seat so we could watch the foot traffic while we ate.

This is two fish tacos, a cup of clam chowder and a Fat Tire Ale. The clam chowder is like an instant artery blocker. I swear it's one part whipping cream, one part clam pieces and one part butter.

This afternoon found us at Moro Strand State Beach, just north of Moro Bay, Cailifornia. Our site here overlooks the beach and has a view of a rock much like Haystack Rock in Cannon Beach, Oregon. It's raining tonight so it feels very much like home.

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