Sunday, November 9, 2014


Since our return from Italy, Marlene has been focusing her cooking attention to Italian recipes.  Combining Italian with vegan has been an experiment.  We try hard to go totally vegan, but sometimes we have to use an egg or two just to make things come out right.  The other night we made wide pasta.009 We made wide, thin,  sheets which Marlene then used to make a lasagna.  007

When the wide sheets were cut into manageable lengths, we pre-cooked each sheet 30 seconds before drying it and layering it into the mushroom, onion, and vegan cheese filling.  The end result was delicious, but unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of it before we ate it.

Marlene has also added focaccia to her bread making repertoire.  She’s not satisfied with the puffiness or thickness, but I sure do like the flavors of salt, garlic, and olive oil even though the result is more like un-garnished pizza.001

While she has been busy in the kitchen, I have been repairing the gas fireplace insert.  We had been using it to take the chill off our living room as house cools down now that fall is here.  The thermocouple failed after 12 years and to remove it and replace it, I had to disconnect the gas line and pull all the sheet metal out.  013  014

Fortunately a local heating contractor had a generic replacement and I was able to put it back together.  When I tested it, the pilot light came back to life, but it appeared to be very weak and would not heat up the thermocouple enough to keep it going.  So, I had to disassemble it again and found that the gas feed line to the pilot light  had a small crack which was allowing gas to escape.  Good thing I didn’t blow the house up and I was able to find a replacement for the line.  After reassembling the whole thing, it fired up and now we have our supplemental heat again.

This fall, the weather has been warm and sunny in between long stretches of rainy days.

013 Marlene has been putting the garden to rest for winter. 012

I have been raking and piling leaves, but without our grandsons around, they are on another adventure, this time to Nicaragua, someone had to get into the pile.  It turns out we both did!

004 005

Then we got back to serious work and collected three, 5 gallon buckets of walnuts which are now drying in the greenhouse.  This will be another year’s supply for our breakfasts and snacks.009

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