Sunday, August 19, 2007

Returning to Oregon living

It didn't take long to get back to doing the things we do on a regular basis. About 2 miles from our house is a peach orchard which allows "you pick". Every year we get our 30 pounds or so. It takes about 15 minutes of picking. We allow the peaches to ripen in our hanger and each morning we take a couple of the ripest ones and have them with our cereal or toast.

Laurie and Odel who had been watching our house and tending our garden moved their motor home back a little so I could pull the plane from the hanger and go out for a half an hour and knock the rust off my landings.

On Saturday Odel and I flew to McMinnville to check out the annual antique airplane gathering.

We had a special evening reuniting with Steve and Diana to celebrate their 9th anniversary. Of course this gave us a chance to see our grandsons, Ryder,


and Casey, who is now 8 weeks old.

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Laurie, Odel, and Luna said...

Richard, your redesigned blog looks GREAT! Wonderful choice of colors, and the "stretched" format works so well. Good job.

Safe travels,