Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Getting to Quartzsite

We left home on Thursday, January 17, about noon. Took a short cut out of Reno and went over the mountains through Virginia City.
Virginia City would have been fun to explore, but there was no place to park.
That night we had an interesting stop at the ghost town of Goldfield, Nevada. It seemed like everything was boarded up or deserted. We did take a nice walk around town on the gravel streets.
We stopped in Needles, California, to wash the rig, but the battery on the Jeep was dead as a result of towing it for 4 days without starting it to charge the battery. Fortunately we got some help from some young people whose house we stopped in front of.

We made it Boomerville on Monday about 2:30 and parked near our friends in a beatiful setting with a wonderful view of the valley near Quartzsite.That afternoon we checked in at the "Happy Hour" gathering. I think we were about the 110th vehicle to arrive.

I'll post more tomorrow.

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