Tuesday, February 10, 2009


We try to start each day with some physical activity. I usually ride my bike and here in Borrego, the loop I do is 13.4 miles. Malene takes a hike during the same time and tries to keep her heart rate in the aerobic zone for at least a half an hour out of the hour walk. On Sunday we took a long strenuous hike together. We met a guy on the trail who took our picture for us.

We hikeed up Coyote peak and, although we didn't make it to the top we took this picture of the desert below us.

The next morning the sunrise was beautiful, but the dark clouds were an ominous indicator of a rainy day. Sure enough, a storm blew in and the wind and rain came and went all day.

That evening there was a great double rainbow just about sunset.
Tuesday's plan was to drive to San Diego where Marlene was to meet with her fourth cousin to do some genealogy work. As we started climbing the mountains between here and there we reached the snow line which had dropped to about 3000 feet during the night.

In Julian, where we stopped for coffee there was about a foot of new snow. Hey! That's why we come here. The variety here in the desert is incredible.

The sun was brilliant and the sky was clear and blue.

We met people on the road who had stopped to chain up. A couple of times I put the Jeep in 4 wheel drive to add some traction on the ice.

The icy branches reminded us of the ice storms we have in the Portland area on occassion.

San Diego was a good experience. We met Joan, who's great-great-grandmother was a sister to Marlene's great-great-grandmother in Germany. Marlene had been in correspondence with Joan for several years.

When they met, they got right down to work comparing notes and research records. Each had copies of family records the other didn't have. Fortunately I had taken a book with me to read while they were working. Three hours later we left Joan's house and went to her son's business where Joan and Marlene made copies of records they each wanted for their files.

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