Monday, February 2, 2009


We are on a short side trip to visit Steve, Diana, and the boys who are in Mexico. They have rented a small house in a "Campo" in San Felipe.
The house is right on the sea.Mornings are pleasant and the tides are really high and low, as much as 18 feet swing on some days.
The first night we all went out to a taco shop. We walked a mile down the beach to the center of town.
Casey eats all by himself and loves beans and rice.

In the mornings we sit on the deck in the warm sun.

It's hard to beat this kind of grandkid fix.

One day, Diana took Ryder and Phelan to the local bakery so they could learn how bread and sweet things are made here.

Casey, Steve and I stayed home and played in the sand.

Here's a shot of the house taken from the beach. Theirs is the grey one just to the right of the white house.

I even got to do a little fishing with Ryder, but we didn't catch anything.

Watching birds and shrimp boats was another part of the day.

One day after breakfast outside we headed out on a tour of the local area.

Here's a house for sale that we stopped to look at. It is selling for $100,000 and the annual fee to the "Campo" or condo for maintenance is $400.

In the afternoon we headed down the coast to see the giant cactus.

These are really old. As much as 1500 years. They are in a preserve and you have to pay a small fee to enter.

Ryder is trying to push this one over, but not having much luck.

The whole small valley is filled with the cactus.

This was our picnic of oranges, boiled eggs and peanutbutter and jelly sandwiches.

Steve, Diana and I hiked about a mile out into the valley and came across these buzzards roosting on top of the cactus. Small birds and even eagles nest in them.

This one was unique because it had no arms.

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