Friday, February 20, 2009


It has taken 2 days to complete this post. When the cell towers are busy at the same time I try to upload pictures, the upload takes so long that my blog upload is broken and I have to start over. Marlene completed the caning of one of the chairs we brought along. The finished work is beautiful and she is rightfully proud of her work.

In the mean time I have been busy improving our site in the desert. While in Quartzsite, I watched some of men build a table out of old pallets. The hardware store here in Borrego sets out the old pallets for people to take. I helped myself to 4 old pallets and using the material from two of them I put together a base and four legs of the table. Another trip past the hardware store revealed a 4' by 4' piece of plywood that had been cut in two on a diagonal. There were some old sheet rock screws imbedded in the plywood which I extracted and used to screw the plywood to the frame to complete the table.

Molly and Ron joined us for dinner the other night.

The table comes in handy when I fire up the oven and need space to hold my tools and unbaked pizzas. Here's a picture of one we made the other night when Ron and Molly joined us.

Thursday we went exloring with our Jeep on some of the back roads of Anza Borrego State Park. We invited our neighbors, Doug and JoAnn to go with us. We stopped for a picnic lunch using a pile of rocks as our picnic site.

The drive followed Fish Creek Road through a geologic formation called Split Mountain. The road followed an old stream bed and there were several times I used 4 wheel drive to take us through deep sand or over granite boulders in the stream bed.

The canyon had several interesting rock formations.

An anticline and sincline adjacent to one another showed the incredible force of buckling that took place eons ago.

In other areas the sediment layers were perfectly flat.

One side trip led us to the elephant tree.

We took some short hikes along the way to check out the desert blooms.

JoAnn spotted this cactus about 30 feet off the trail. It was the only one we have seen like this since we got here.

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