Friday, January 28, 2011


As we were leaving Quartzsite, Marlene snapped a couple of pictures of the big tent where the main exhibits of the RV show are held.  IMG_6434IMG_6435
We headed south to the Yuma area not knowing where we would stay, but needing a place close the the Mexican crossing into Los Algodones.  We found a very comfortable if not sparse place to boon dock at the Quechan Casino outside of Yuma.  IMG_6438
We arrived here Sunday afternoon in time for me to watch the Packers beat the Bears.  I went into the casino to watch on the big screen projection TV.
Monday morning we walked to the Mexican crossing and found our recommended dentist, Dr. Jerry.  I broke a tooth in half the first day we were in Quartzsite and needed treatment.  Dr. Jerry ended up pulling the remaining part of the tooth and now we have to return to Algodones on Valentines day to have a bridge installed.

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