Sunday, June 24, 2012


The flight home was hard on us.  We set our alarm for 3:00 am in Poland in order to clear security and board an early morning flight from Warsaw.007
After a flight to Munich, Germany, a layover, a long flight to Toronto, Canada, another layover, and then a flight direct to Portland, we found ourselves in the Portland airport at 8:03 Portland time.  Our neighbors picked us up and by 9:30 we crashed into bed.  Near as I can figure that was 27 1/2 hours.  Of course we slept some on the airplanes, but that was out of exhaustion and not too satisfying. 
Now, we’re slowly getting adjusted to local time.  This weekend we enjoyed the boys for two days and an overnight.  Each one got to plant his garden bed.  Casey wanted watermelons.  Since it’s too late to start seeds, we bought some plants.IMG_8485
Phelan wanted a repeat of last year’s bean crop so he planted black beans and bumble bee beans.  IMG_8482

Ryder chose cucumbers and some experimental watermelon seeds. 
The rest of the day was a delightful excursion into Canby for frozen yogurt and a visit to the new Lego store.IMG_8491  Casey’s 5th birthday is on Monday and he spent some time picking out what he would like as a gift.
IMG_8493 Then they all got involved in a Lego game on the store’s video. IMG_8498  Back home, we had another surprise.  On our visit to the Castle ruins in Poland we found some helmets that the knights of old wore.  Marlene carried them home on her lap (actually stashed them in the overhead storage once we boarded).  IMG_8500  Would you believe this is Phelan.  Casey is ready for battle.IMG_8502
All three are thinking ahead to Halloween.  IMG_8506

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