Thursday, April 15, 2010


A short drive today brought us to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. The goal was to see where man first took flight in a powered aircraft. Everything has changed at Kitty Hawk. By that I mean, other than the hill where the monument is and the flat ground where the first flight took place, everything else is a strip mall. All the name brand fast foods and beach houses built high off the ground so the hurricanes won't destroy them.

Roanoke Island is a little quieter and is the site of the "Lost Colony". The English established a colony here in 1585 and two years later when another ship landed to replenish their supplies, they could find no trace of the 116 men, women, and children. Sir Walter Raleigh made several attempts to find them between 1590 and 1602, but no trace was found. It is likely that they were attacked by Indians and those not killed were assimilated into the local tribes.

A sail boat leaves this harbor with tourist cruises. We watched it hoist sail and head for open water.

Our campsite tonight is on Cape Hatteras National Seashore. The campground is called Oregon Inlet. It's a short walk over the dunes to the Atlantic Ocean.

We now can honestly say that in the year 2010 we have touched both the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean.

This particular beach has nice sand, lots of birds, and blue ocean, but the waves are bigger in the Pacific.

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